Cognitive Microdose Purecybin Microdose (30)

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Ingredients: 150mg Psilocybin, 200MG Lions Mane, Taurine, Vitamine B12, Beet Root

Recommended Dose:
1 capsule every 2nd to 3rd day, it is best to have a light meal before consuming.
Every capsule we use is Vegan, Kosher.

Keep out of reach of children & pets.
All capsules have a shelf life of 1 year, if placed in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
If more than 2 capsules are consumed, you may experience anxiety, blurry vision, sleepiness or euphoric sensations. This is normal and will fade away in hours.

4 reviews for Cognitive Microdose Purecybin Microdose (30)

  1. Jonathan Staples

    The item was well priced and it arrived when they said it would!! Will use this site again!!♥️

  2. Mikel Webb

    Excellent and professional will be buying from them again😉!!

  3. Linda Rivera

    My order was quickly shipped out and arrived as described. Thanks!

  4. William Kessler

    Came as ordered and on time.

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