Cookies & Cream Milk Chocolate Bar

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NEW! Cookies with cream were crumbled and sprinkled into our original milk chocolate bar for our newest magical bar- Cookies & Cream! There’s nothing like milk and cookies to take the edge off, or maybe even to take a little trip..

With Shroomiez premium psilocybin products you are in control of your trip, and can rest assured that you’re consuming a reliable dose of the best magic mushrooms. Not sure how many squares to enjoy? Find your perfect dose on our Dosing Guide!


At Shroomiez we believe in quality over everything. That’s why we grow our mushrooms in-house at our state-of-the-art facility. Knowing what’s in your magic mushroom chocolate bar may seem like a given, but without regulations a lot of the other guys aren’t creating evenly dosed products. This results in inconsistent trips and bad experiences. We want to ensure your magic mushroom experience is always consistent and reliable, so we meticulously control every step in the production of our products from spore to sale.

4 reviews for Cookies & Cream Milk Chocolate Bar

  1. Cedric Pharr

    Exactly what my husband was looking for in extreme pristine condition and packaging. Can’t ask for better at a better price.

  2. Joycelyn K. Mayhall

    My order perfect and very fast thank.

  3. Rosemary Gama

    It’s good and I’m excited for my package to get here

  4. Roland Payne

    Happy with my purchases packs arrived as ordered

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