M&M’s 50 Pack

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All the colorful fun of M&M’S candy packed into a magic-filled chocolate bar. Each bar is made with delicious milk chocolate and filled with M&M’S for delicious crunch in every bite.

Start slow with one square to microdose, or eat half the bar and enjoy the trip! With Shroomiez premium psilocybin products you are in control of your trip, and can rest assured that you’re consuming a reliable dose of the best magic mushrooms.

Not sure how many squares to enjoy? Find your perfect dose on our Dosing Guide!

• 0.33g psilocybin per square
• 4g total psilocybin per bar


At Shroomiez we believe in quality over everything. That’s why we grow our mushrooms in-house at our state-of-the-art facility. Knowing what’s in your magic mushroom chocolate bar may seem like a given, but without regulations a lot of the other guys aren’t creating evenly dosed products. This results in inconsistent trips and bad experiences. We want to ensure your magic mushroom experience is always consistent and reliable, so we meticulously control every step in the production of our products from spore to sale.

11 reviews for M&M’s 50 Pack

  1. James V. Dobbins

    I will continue to purchase fromypu guys again

  2. Kerry D. Thornton

    Bought 3 items from their website and all 3 came on time

  3. Mary R. Woodcock

    Great service. Item as specified and hassle free delivery. Excellent all round thanks.

  4. Raymond B. Wallace

    Excellent! They have great customer service,

  5. Jayson I. Spencer

    Excellent and good service!.

  6. Jamie J. Papadopoulos

    if there is any problems they take care of it immediately!

  7. Mary G. Delafuente

    Product shipped quickly and was in good condition

  8. Kerry D. Thornton

    waiting for my order everything went very smoothly thank you

  9. Jamie J. Papadopoulos

    every time I order they make sure it is shipped quickly

  10. J. Waters

    Website very easy to navigate got an email within minutes of placing an order

  11. Christopher Read

    I had an issue with an order. They fixed it so fast. I’m very happy with their service. I love there merchandise.

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